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ITP at Dakar rally

ITP at Dakar rally

"We are still in the race, we continue dreaming!"

After the great debut of Santi Navarro in 2017 in the Dakar with his 2nd place in the first round, the second day he finished with a breathtaking 4th place. Today they face the third round that starts at San Miguel de Tucumán and it goes until San Salvador, with around 780 kilometres and with a special sector of 364 kilometres.

This part of the competition is very tyring for the contestants that we can clearly declare they will have to be very careful and awake in order not to lose the control of the vehicle and leave the road  and take care when they cross a river.

S.N.: „Every round has its own unbelievable athmosphere. The people are very encouraging that they motivate us to keep going on this adventure. When it was getting harder and we had to deal with the high temperature and when the dust was gushing out from the suspension to our eyes, sometimes we had lost the sight and the muddy surface also made us pay more attention to the road”.