Terra Claw

The ITP Terra Claw features a unique alternating angled tread pattern to provide ultimate traction in multiple terrains. Additional siping yields increased traction in wet conditions and allows the tread to flex over rocky terrain. Reinforced belts provide increased traction and puncture resistance while the stepped tread blocks give additional biting edges to aid traction in rutted conditions. find a distributor
Size Product Code Ply Max Load Capacity (kg @ km/h) Max kPa
55/75R15 M/C MST (30x10.00R15)
6P13491 8 300
280/60R14 M/C MST (27x11.00R14)
6P09221 8 280
230/70R14 M/C MST (27x9.00R14)
6P09211 8 230