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Specifically designed for high horsepower UTV and SxS vehicles, the 8-ply rated Coyote tire is a radial performance tire. Made in the USA.

Product highlights

  • Unmatched traction and side bite, predictable lateral stability and surgical steering response
  • Optimal footprint for even pressure distribution
  • 19 mm lug depth for maximum handling, braking and traction control Center lug channels improve traction by allowing the tread to flex and wrap around rocks and other objects
  • Reinforced belts provide increased traction and unequaled puncture resistance
  • Superior stability and puncture protection


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6P081027x9.00R14 (230/70R14 M/C MST)870122914.302801302.55999110830735YesUS
6P081127x11.00R14 (280/60R14 M/C MST)870627416.403351302.55999110830742YesUS
6P080932x10.00R15 (255/85R15 M/C MST)881325420.184621301.55999110808437YesUS
6P075333x10.00R15 (255/90R15 M/C MST)885325720.704371302.55999110830780YesUS
6P091335X10.00R15 (255/100R15 M/C MST)890227223.985001302.55999110830759YesUS

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