SD10 beadlock
Polaris, ATV, wheel

SD10 beadlock

The ITP SD10 Beadlock Wheel is designed specifically for Polaris Pro R and Turbo R. The increased ring thickness creates added strength and the counter board bolts create increased lock ring retention.

Product highlights

  • Exact same offset as the OE wheel to maintain the original width and performance
  • Features a gray finish with a black milled ring
  • Industry leading 1300 lbs load rating
  • Limited lifetime warranty - bend it or break it, ITP will replace it
  • Valve steam and center cap included


Item NoSizeOffsetColorBolt patternWeight (kg)EANCOO
RINGSD10-15BLKReplacment Beadlock ringBlack0.9CN
B545ITPReplacement Center Cap 5/4.5Black0.004CN
1522850708BAlu wheel: 15x76+1 (+61.8mm)Grey/Black Ring5/4.57.3CN

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