Tenacity XNR
All Terrain | Hard Pack | Rock/Ruts | Desert

Tenacity XNR

Premier high-performance 10-ply radial tire. These tires were engineered using a computer-aided, non-directional tread pattern and specifically designed for desert, gravel, rock and sandy terrain.

Product highlights

  • New chain type tread pattern increases traction in loose terrain
  • Staggered shoulder blocks ensure consistent traction
  • New rubber compound effectively balances traction and tread life Nylon belts offer improved compliance for trail riding over rocks, roots, and rutted conditions at lower speeds


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6P147430x10.00R15 NHS1077225017.40501801.35999110836690NoUS
6P147532x10.00R15 NHS1082625318.10569801.35999110836706NoUS
6P147632x10.00R16 NHS1083325419.50556801.35999110836713NoUS
6P1392133x9.50R15 (240/95R15 M/C MST)1084524918.703451301.85999110835525YesCN
6P1393135x9.50R15 (240/105R15 M/C MST)1088924122.603871301.85999110835532YesCN

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