Terra Hook
All Terrain | Hard Pack | Rock/Ruts | Desert

Terra Hook

Premier all-terrain, high-performance, radial tire designed with multi-angled channeled lugs. The unique non-directional tread design delivers traction and performance over roots, rocks, and other trail conditions.

Product highlights

  • Balanced tread-to-void ratio ensures a smooth ride on harder surfaces
  • Alternating shoulder elements assist grip from any angle of approach or direction
  • Unique tread blocks with alternating pitches provide true multi-surface, multi-condition traction 19 mm lug depth for maximum handling and control
  • Tread block channels allow the tread to flex giving consistent traction over roots, rocks and other trail conditions
  • Supreme traction on lush trails and soft terrain


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6P093926x9.00R12 (230/75R12 MST)865525218.12376801.35999110829791YesUS
6P094026X11.00R12 (280/65R12 MST)868128514.69447801.35999110829807YesUS
6P094127x9.00R14 (230/70R14  M/C MST)869322914.86386801.35999110829814YesUS
6P094227X11.00R14 (280/60R14  M/C MST)869927915.98467801.35999110829838YesUS
6P094328x9.00R14 (230/80R14  M/C MST)871623416.01412801.35999110829845YesUS
6P094428x11.00R14 (280/65R14  M/C MST)872428516.33492801.35999110829852YesUS
6P094530x10.00R14 (255/80R14  M/C MST)877025816.09513801.35999110829777YesUS
6P1436255/75R15 M/C MST (30x10.00R15)877525117.30501801.35999110838380NoUS
6P094632x10.00R14 (255/90R14  M/C MST)882627417.53580801.35999110829821YesUS
6P094732x10.00R15 (255/85R15 M/C MST)882627117.30569801.35999110829784YesUS

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