Versa Cross V3
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Versa Cross V3

The ITP Versa Cross® V3 offers extreme performance for hard pack to intermediate terrains. With an enhanced tread pattern and 8 ply rated radial construction, the Versa Cross® V3 is designed for today’s high performance UTVs.

Product highlights

  • Super-deep rim guard designed to protect the rim lip on styled aftermarket wheels
  • “Tough Tread” rubber compound protects against cuts, chips, and tread wear
  • 19 mm lug depth with center lug channels Shoulder lugs enhanced with contour changes and channel cuts to promote ease of steering on low profile sizes and increases traction in slick and rutted conditions
  • Additional channel cuts in tread face lugs increase biting edges


Item NoSizePLYDiam. (mm)Width (mm)Weight (kg)Max Load (kg)Speed (km/h)Pressure (bar)EANECECOO
6P137428x10.00R14 (255/70R14 M/C MST)872123915.702721301.85999110835273YesUS
6P138028x10.00R18 NHS873423414.502501301.85999110835297NoUS
6P176355/80 R 14 M/C MST (30x10.00R14)877624918.103071301.85999110838397NoUS
6P1762225/75R15 M/C MST (30X10.00R15)877824717.703001301.85999110838403NoUS
6P1760255/85R15 M/C MST (32X10.00R15)882225219.303351301.85999110838410NoUS
6P137533x10.00R15 (255/90R15 M/C MST)884825419.903651301.85999110835280YesUS
6P137633x10.00R18 NHS886124118.203401301.85999110835303NoUS
6P137733x10.00R20 NHS886124420.203271301.85999110834375NoUS
6P137835x10.00R18 NHS890724419.003831301.85999110834368NoUS
6P137935x10.00R20 NHS891224120.403651301.85999110834382NoUS

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